Analysts predict Sony PS3 to be largest global gaming platform by 2013

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ps3-slim.jpgApart from the PlayStation Network outage at the turn of the month, it’s been a very stong couple of weeks for the Sony console. Both Heavy Rain and God of War III have picked up rave reviews, with Heavy Rain topping the gaming charts. And, if anaylsts predictions are to be believed, the only way is up for Sony’s gaming powerhouse.

Strategy Analytic’s David Mercer believes that within three years the PS3 will overtake the Nintendo Wii’s record-breaking sales figures, making it the largest global console by 2013.

“The signs are that the Wii has peaked in terms of console sales, and its installed base will begin to decline after 2011”, Mercer suggests.

“Meanwhile, Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will continue to grow, so that the PS3 will become the largest platform globally by 2013. In terms of cumulative lifetime sales we expect the PS3 to hit 127m units, compared to 103m Wiis”.

Mercer concludes that”Uncertainties clearly surround each of the major platforms, particularly relating to the new services and upgrades planned by Sony and Microsoft. Natal on the Xbox could be more beneficial to 360 sales than expected, and Sony’s own motion controller, together with its plans to upgrade all PS3s to 3D capability, also represent potential for upside to our core forecasts.”

Mercer also suggested that overall games sales could be down by as much as 6% this year, while overall hardware sales of PS3s and Xbox 360s should rise.

While the PS3 is certianly making headway after a sluggish start on the market, Mercer’s predictions seem a little over-enthusiastic if you ask me. There’s certainly a long way to go for the PS3 to catch the Wii up in terms of sales. And also, with consitent rumours of a Wii 2 or Wii HD just around the corner, his analysis may only prove to be a technical victory as consumers eventually migrate from one version of the console to the next, rather than abandoning it completely.


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