Gamecom 2010: THQ reveal the uDraw Nintendo Wii tablet

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Remember Mario Paint way back on the SNES? It was pretty cool right? Except of course for the fact that you had to use the dodgy SNES mouse add-on to get any decent results out of it. I’m surprised Nintendo haven’t really re-visited the idea on the Wii, which seems the perfect console for drawing on given its motion and gesture based controls. THQ seem to agree, at least to some extent, with today’s surprising announcement that they will be launching a tablet drawing device for the Wii early next year.

The uDraw GameTablet is 4×6 inches in size with a pressure sensitive stylus that draws its power directly from a docked Wii remote. It’s set to be bundled with uDraw Studio (a Paint-for-kids style drawing app) as well as a Pictionary game and Dood’s Big Adventure, a platform game which uses the stylus and quick illustrations to avoid obstacles.

It’s a cool looking accessory that could really come into it’s own if paired with an IP like Drawn to Life, which is also conveniently published by THQ. I’m sensing an inevitable tie in there, aren’t you?

Scroll down for some shots of the uDraw tablet and its software in action.

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