Sony unleash the DR-GA500 7.1 gaming headset for frag-happy PC gamers

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DR-G500.jpgIf your FPS frag-to-fragged ratio has you chalked up as an easy target on multiplayer battlefields, you’ll likely be after any little help you can get to turn the tides of video-gaming warfare in your favour. Sony’s DR-GA500 gaming headset for the PC might be just what you’re looking for then, offering the “ideal feature set for the most demanding of gamers”.

Combining a “triple-enfolding” headset design with an external signal processing unit, the DR-GA500s use a Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder with Sony’s Virtual Phones tech to create a 7.1 surround sound effect. Sony promise that the added spatial detail the headset offers will ensure that you’re always one step ahead of the competition, hearing any foes creeping up on you long before they can get a fatal shot off.

And while they’re designed primarily for gaming, the 40mm drive units the DR-GA500s employ should provide pretty decent sound quality whilst watching movies or listening to music too, not to mention using the built in mic for Skype conversations or other VOIP services.

We’ve reached out to Sony for any news on pricing or availability, and will post up any updates here when we hear word back.

Update: The headset will retail for around £150, and due in stores by mid-September.

Gerald Lynch
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