Wii Saber Blasters for Nintendo Star Wars action


blaster-saber.jpgThere must be someone out there who’s so Wii-nuts that they buy all of these Nintendo controller accessories. So, for you sir/madam, here’s another one to chuck in your cupboard after a few months. Meet the Wii Saber Blaster from CTA Digital. The same people who brought us the WiSkab et al the other day.

They’re out from 29th May and they come as a pair just in time for Star Wars the Clone Wars: Light saber Duels and Star Wars the Force Unleashed. Each blade has a proper mirroring system in the hilt so that the IR signals from the WiiMotes can travel without a problem such that you don’t have to remove them each time you need to navigate the menus.

Three AA batteries in each will ensure that the sabers light up and then you can swish away to your heart’s content taking your TV screen, lightbulbs and each priceless piece of china with you. Contents insurance not included.

EA sports active review:

Daniel Sung
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