SHINY VIDEO PREVIEW: Archos 7 media tablet

The other day at a trade show I got some hands-on experience with the Archos 7 media tablet. You can see the results in the video above, but what I really wonder is who the market for these devices is. They’re not easily controllable enough to have a good web experience. The streaming media is good, but if you’re in wi-fi range of your server, then why would you need to stream?

Battle of the Burners – Roxio vs Nero


Nero and Roxio have both just launched new versions of their burning software. In the red corner, we’ve got Nero 9, which features Gracenote integration and improved playback and editing features, and in the… er… orange corner we’ve got Roxio Creator 2009, which has high-definition support and new backup software…

Kinoma Play: Get the iPhone multimedia experience on Windows Mobile


A group of ex-Apple engineers has designed Kinoma Play, a multimedia tool which allows you to find, play, and share video, audio, and pictures from across connected devices and online.

It also offers the Kinoma Guide, offering advice on the best mobile-friendly content online.

It works on Windows Mobile, with Linux and Symbian versions coming, and is supposedly targeted at those who like the multimedia aspects of the iPhone but don’t actually want one of Apple’s hallowed handsets…

Bookeen CyBook Gen3 – latest epaper reading device


The Bookeen CyBook Gen3 is being described as the thinnet and lightest epaper reading device around. It’s able to store 1000 books, which seems more than enough, but for any exceptionally well-read users, the simple addition of a 2GB memory card allows you to store 10,000, meaning you have a mini-library in your back pocket.

It is able to display PRC, txt, HTML and PDF book formats, and since it copes with JPG, GIF, PNG and MP3 formats as well, it can accurately be described as a rather lightweight multimedia device.