Shiny Video Preview: BenQ 16:9 monitors for gamers and high-def DVD watchers

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I’ve just got back from a delightful lunch with BenQ who wanted to show off a range of new monitors they’ve got coming out later in September. There’s the E-Series, and the M-Series, both of which you can see in the above video. There are 22″ and 24″ versions of each.

They’re putting their money in the 16:9 corner of the market, which is “true HD”, i.e. it will display a 1080p video without stretching the picture or having to put black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, like you would with a 16:10 display. BenQ reckon this is the future, though when I pressed one of the chaps from BenQ HQ they admitted they’re still going to be selling 16:10 displays for the time being.

Lastly, I don’t normally mention warranties in posts like this, but wanted to point out that BenQ’s is 3 years’ onsite replacement. Don’t forget stuff like this when you’re thinking about buying a screen – having an engineer show up with a replacement model is so much nicer than the pain of having to ship stuff off if it breaks. Good work BenQ.

There’s a few more monitors that BenQ have brought out alongside the 16:9 models – so I’ve put together a gallery of them. Click the image of the 16:9 E-series below to begin your monitor bonanza.

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