GTA IV sightseeing – how close is Liberty City to the actual Big Apple?

Do you know GTA IV’s Liberty City inside-out yet? Have you at least memorised where your house is and where all the strip clubs are? Also, have you ever spent £1200 on flying to New York for a weekend, just so you can save about £25 on buying socks and pants really cheap in GAP on Fifth Avenue?

If you answered “SHIT YES!” to both of the above, you will like this very much – it’s some guy’s collection of photos of New York compared to screenshots of GTA IV’s NYC-inspired Liberty City. See what is real and what is fiction over on his Flickr page.


NYC and LC are “pretty close” it would appear, although the skyline’s seriously…

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in the UK thanks to little-known arthouse video game GTA IV


PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 both benefited BIG TIME from the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, but it was Xbox 360 that took the larger and more sustained win.

Sales of Microsoft’s console were up a whopping 47% over the four weeks since GTA IV launched, according to UK stat-watcher Chart-Track, with PlayStation3 managing a rather more modest – and slightly disappointing…

Surprise, surprise: GTA IV breaks UK All Format sales record for week one


A recipe for you: Take one of the most successful game franchises of all time, give its developers the budget of small South American country, apply enough hype to sink a blue whale, allow to simmer gently for 6 months until public desire reaches a raging fervour, and serve. There you have your very own Best Selling Game Ever™.

Yes, it is with very little shock at all that GTA IV has wreaked havoc on the UK All Formats games charts, cruelly destroying some hippie yoga nonsense Wii Fit board by a factor of 9 to 1, shifting over a million copies and raking in over 40m in its first week. In fact some 926,000 copies were gone in the first five days.

Grand Theft Auto IV launches across the globe, draws few crowds in its home town


At midnight last night, game stores across the country opened for launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. You may not have heard of it – it’s an understated affair from a little known developer. It certainly isn’t the kind of game where every single newly unearthed feature is granyted its own headline. And Rockstar definitely doesn’t like carefully building hype for its games to a deafening crescendo right before launch. Oh no…

Grand Theft Auto IV set to be the highest rated game of all time?


The GTA IV review deadline landed this weekend and hundreds of online publications were allowed to air their thoughts and critiques of the new addition to the GTA franchise. According to metacritic at the time of writing, both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are not just topping the charts for their respective formats, they both have an average rating of 100, making GTA IV as close to gaming perfection as its possible to get.

Sony officially confirms GTA IV PS3 bundle


In the UK, Microsoft is doing its damndest to make sure that the buying public remains blissfully unaware of any automobile theft on any kind of scale, grand or otherwise, on anything except the Xbox 360. Sony hasn’t really done a lot to dispel the myth – in the face of a Microsoft funded GTA IV adverts, Live points promotions and exclusive content deals, it has remained stony faced as if wondering what all the fuss is about.

But it has at last conceded that there might be something to the whole Grand Theft Auto IV thing and has officially announced a new PS3-GTA IV bundle SKU, which by the virtue of having vaguely attractive packaging, may ensure that some PS3’s will be vacating shelves come April 29th…