Copies of GTA IV stolen before they reach shelves: couriers just can't resist


gta_iv_logo.jpgSo very, very close now but it seems some people just can’t wait any more. Word has it that one delivery company alone has had to fire at least three employees in 24 hours for stealing copies of GTA IV on their way to the shelves.

UPS in the states has seen a spate of ill-performed heists of individual games for personal use. Plans as complicated as ripping the box open, taking out the game and then taping it back up have amazingly been foiled and still more of these criminal masterminds are to face disciplinary interviews because they just can’t help themselves.

Apparently this kind of behaviour on the eve of a big release is not in the slightest bit normal and either UPS happens to employ heavy gamers or this GTA IV really is the most sought after product ever.

Imagine losing your job because you just couldn’t wait another eight hours, fifty-five minutes and six seconds; five seconds, four seconds, damn it won’t the clock go any faster?

(via ars technica)

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