Amazon set to launch its own streaming movie rental service "in the next few weeks"


Amazon’s big boss Jeff Bezos, speaking at the D6 conference, said the retail behemoth is planning to launch its own online video rental service rather soon.

That’s pretty much all he said on the matter, although he pointed out you’d be buying movies individually on an “a la carte” basis rather than paying a subscription, then watching via a streaming…

Pop some popcorn and settle down to read the top ten Apple movie moments


Have you noticed that pretty much any film you watch these days includes a Mac? It’s become as ubiquitous as music leading up to a crescendo when a couple leans in for a kiss. Does the CIA really use Macs? According to Transformers, it does.

Hot Fuzz shows the police using a mid-1990s Mac, Jurassic Park (above) a Macintosh Quadra 700, heck, even in Zoolander Macs get a nice spot of product-placement in that all too infamous scene that caused many of you sleepless nights. The full list is over at Mac|Life, with knowledgeable details on each of the models the ten listed films…

Warner to launch "coffee book" style Blu-ray discs

Now that the high definition disc format war is all but over, it seems studios can start rolling out their own gimmicks and features.

Warner has decided that it will release ten Blu-ray coffee-book style titles this year, including “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Dirty Harry”, “Woodstock”, “Harry Potter”, “Bladerunner”, “Gone With the Wind” and “North by Northwest”…

Opinion: Is Apple a bigger danger to our lives than Microsoft?

Jon_smal.gifJonathan Weinberg writes… I thought I could rely on Apple so this morning I awoke to disappointment in Steve Jobs after his Macworld announcements yesterday. I was sure he’d launch a new iPhone with either 3G or bigger storage memory, thus annoying the FOUR MILLION people who have now, like cult followers, signed up to the iPhone religion.

But it was a clever move. Save that announcement for a couple of months time, and bring a second-generation device out around a year after the first and no-one can have any complaints… can they? After all, technology is always changing and those of us who spend fortunes on gadgets and gizmos, only to see them bettered just weeks later, are fools of our own making. I do it, as much as you…

European Blu-ray Association claims they've sold one million discs, owns 73% of HD market

bluraylogo-1.jpgThe Sony PR machine is in overdrive at the moment, with them churning out more facts and figures about Blu-ray sales, than playable games on their PS3 console.

The Blu-ray Disc Association in Europe has let information leak about the one million Blu-ray movie discs they’ve sold, which according to them is 73% of all HD films sold. Bad news for HD DVD, if those figures are accurate. Of course, it was only last week we heard from the HD DVD camp that HD DVD player owners…

ZML is like AllofMP3, but for movies


Remember AllofMP3? It was the Russian website selling cut-price MP3 downloads, which was eventually shut down after lengthy protests from the music industry. It’s since respawned as several new startups, of course. Anyway, ZML isn’t one of them, since it doesn’t sell music. Instead, it applies AllofMP3’s formula to movies, making it Hollywood’s worst nightmare.