ZML is like AllofMP3, but for movies

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Remember AllofMP3? It was the Russian website selling cut-price MP3 downloads, which was eventually shut down after lengthy protests from the music industry. It’s since respawned as several new startups, of course.

Anyway, ZML isn’t one of them, since it doesn’t sell music. Instead, it applies AllofMP3’s formula to movies, making it Hollywood’s worst nightmare. The films are available in several different formats, including ‘DVD-quality’, DivX, iPod and generic PDA resolution.

And oh my, it’s cheap. The Simpsons Movie, Transformers and 300 are $2.99 apiece as DivX downloads, and just $1.99 as iPod downloads. I thought ZML would be Russian, but their contact address and phone number is Birmingham here in the UK.

ZML website (via Ars Technica)

Stuart Dredge
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