First sightings of the Gamepark GP3X handheld emulator


Disappointingly few people know that Sony and Nintendo aren’t the only purveyors of handheld games consoles (no I’m not counting that Gizmondo nonsense). Both of these companies also have a particularly unfriendly view of the homebrew applications, seeing as it tends to go hand in hand with piracy. Gamepark, however, is all about the homebrew scene. It has already released a number of handheld consoles of varying spec and is now gearing up to release a third – the GP3X.

80GB PlayStation 3 heading Europe in August, bundles to follow

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We learned yesterday that the sort-of-new, sort-of-cut-price 80GB PS3 model was due for North America shortly. But what of little old Europe? Sony has since confirmed that the same model – a non-backwards compatible, larger capacity version of the current 40GB model – will be landing here on August 27th. The price is set at £299 / 399 Euros, the same as the current version.