Hospital housing Yorkshire Ripper and Robert Napper given 22 Wii consoles

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sutcliffe wii.jpgBroadmoor Hospital, an asylum housing criminally insane inhabitants such as the “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe and murderer Robert Napper has been given 22 Nintendo Wii consoles.

The total cost of the consoles amounts to £5,000 of UK tax payer’s money. The hospital, notorious for its inmates, is already equipped with PlayStation and Xbox gear.

Speaking to the The Sun, a source said “”When you think of their crimes and the misery they have caused, you have to ask if it’s right for society to pay to entertain them…This cash could have been spent improving care in the wider NHS. In the meantime all we hear is laughter as patients play with their new toys.”

The source also revealed that Sutcliffe often plays Wii Sports Bowling while Napper looks on.

Officials at Broadmoor have tried to justify the consoles on the basis of the Wii’s active fitness games, despite the actual health benefits of titles such as Wii Fit having been largely disproved.

Fun for the family and murderers alike then? The Nintendo PR team must be none too pleased about this one.

Via: The Sun

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