Opinion: Why we should all smile as stars of CCTV

Jon_small_new.jpgYep, you’re right, that is an album by Hard-Fi but it’s a serious point, because a funny thing happened to me today – I went to the dentist! Nothing particular humorous in that, no you are right, but seriously I am telling the tooth! Ok, enough with the bad jokes already.

As I sat in the dentist chair, he said there was something he wanted to show me and quickly thrust it towards my mouth. I was a bit shocked but suddenly it all became clear – he’s had a techno-makeover in the surgery. And boy, what an exciting 10 minutes it was…

5 gadgets you'll need to smuggle into the Big Brother house with you if Jade Goody's there

The boys in the know at Hecklerspray are putting some nice money on the table in the hopes Jade Goody will be re-entering the Big Brother house (for the third time) next week when the eight installment desecrates our television sets. It’s got us thinking about what you’d need to smuggle into the house with you in order to survive the relentless mouthing-off from Goody’s “immense pikey gob”, as Hecklerspray calls it

Ten ways the government will spy on us using technology

spies.jpgDid you know that every time you walk down the high street, your movements are logged by 16 CCTV cameras? And the footage is transmitted directly to MI5 headquarters, to be tagged and analysed. By robots. This is the Big Brother nation we live in, etc etc.

But the government won’t stop there. For most of us, new technology is just a new way to listen to our music / manage our working lives / record every episode of M*A*S*H ever made to view on our watch. But for The Man, new technology offers a myriad of ways to spy on us. Here’s ten of the most nefarious.