Top 5 new Facebook applications: Sudoku, Big Brother, Russian Roulette and more…

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facebook-sudoku.jpgCor. Facebook launched their applications a few weeks ago now, and they’ve taken off like a rocket.

I’ve noticed friends signing up to six or seven a day, even the ones who wouldn’t normally know a Web 2.0 widget if it bit them on the nose. Here’s this week’s five new(ish) Facebook apps worth adding to your profile, anyway.

1. Web Sudoku. Yep, the Sudoku craze ain’t dead yet. This app provides a daily puzzle to solve, with easy, medium and hard levels. You can even compare how long it takes you to solve with your Facebook friends. Get it

2. Russian Roulette. Strange one, this. It puts a cartoon revolver on your profile, and friends can try their luck with it. The app keeps track of how many visitors have died when their luck ran out. Get it

3. Training. Want to get fit? Well, you should spend less time on your arse using Facebook then. But hang on a mo, social networking can be healthy too. The Training app keeps track of your fitness regime, and lets you form a ‘crew’ with friends to keep each other motivated. Or indulge in some mutual laziness, of course. Get it

4. Latest Big Brother News. Don’t pretend you’re not hooked already. This serves up a feed from The Sun’s Big Brother headlines. Keep in touch with what thingy and wossname are up to in the BB house. Get it

5. Censorship is bad, m’kay? So fight it with this neat widget that publishes fragments of censored material on your Facebook profile. And no, I’m not talking about the rudest bits from Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Get it

Stuart Dredge
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