Euro iPhone Rumours continue: O2 poised for UK launch?


With the US iPhone launch safely out of the way, attention turns to a European launch, and it’s as rumour-filled as anything the Americans could cook up.

On Tuesday, we reported that German company Deutsche Telekom were poised to clinch an exclusive iPhone deal, at least for German customers. In previous months, both Vodafone and T-Mobile were said to be favourites for winning the iPhone.

O2 were supposedly nowhere to be seen.

Yet a report in yesterday’s Financial Times suggests otherwise.

People “familiar with the matter” said that O2, owned by TelefĆ³nica, were poised to clinch a deal as Apple’s exclusive network partner in the UK.

Others “in the know” suggest that the iPhone will be officially limited (at least initially) to the UK, France, and Germany, and will not be upgraded to 3G.

Carolina Milanesi, research director at consulting firm Gartner, said that a launch in three separate markets made sense because no one mobile operator covers all of Europe. That would put pay to the notion of Apple wanting a pan-European deal.

Bear in mind that these are still rumours – we know that Apple never comment on speculation, and O2 merely said, “We have not signed a deal with Apple”.

Watch this space.

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  • Fair point, Martin, but I only reported what had been written in the press and at various places online – and unlike some articles, I’ve been clear to point out that this is an unconfirmed rumour.

    I’m not convinced that Orange would go for it, and as you say, 3 won’t likely touch it. I’m actually surprised that O2 have been mentioned – I still think it’s more likely Vodafone would get it for the UK – but we’ll have to wait and see.

    The iPhone itself isn’t outdated – bung a 3G chip in it and it’d be fine – though it would have a reduced battery life. It’s the network that’s outdated, and Apple at present are happy to go with that.

  • Haha, now all you need is to write a rumour about Orange being awarded the iPhone deal, and you’ve covered them all. Then when it’s announced you’ll see “see we were right” hahahaha!

    There is a 5th company of course, except that 3 don’t actually deal with such devices that are based on technology made obsolete 6 years ago šŸ˜‰

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