S60 Summit 2008: Reach


1015: José Antonio Moujadami, who is the Head of Applications and Open OS Devices at Telefonica, takes to the stage. He believes that hybrid applications in mobile devices are even more important than in PCs, due to the higher diversity of platforms, amongst others. Mobile devices are always connected, in contrast to PCs, however issues such as limited memory and browsers need to be addressed in order for growth to appear.

1023: Hybrid applications, on the S60, Windows Mobile, and Linux operating systems include binary compatibility, web based UI such as html and flash, scripting and access to native capabilities. As an operator, Telefonica is aware of mash-ups, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and other web 2.0 applications, and is started to provide APIs for future hybrid applications to deliver capabilities for mash-ups with telecom services and internet services…

Euro iPhone Rumours continue: O2 poised for UK launch?

With the US iPhone launch safely out of the way, attention turns to a European launch, and it’s as rumour-filled as anything the Americans could cook up.

On Tuesday, we reported that German company Deutsche Telekom were poised to clinch an exclusive iPhone deal, at least for German customers. In previous months, both Vodafone and T-Mobile were said to be favourites for winning the iPhone.

O2 were supposedly nowhere to be seen.

Yet a report in yesterday’s Financial Times suggests otherwise.