Rumour: European iPhone deal clinched by T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom)


The latest rumour surrounding the iPhone’s European launch is that it’s coming on November 1st, and will be sold exclusively by Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, known better in the UK as T-Mobile.

Unnamed sources in the German newspaper Rheinische Post claim that T-Mobile is expected to sell the iPhone exclusively with a T-Mobile contract for around 450 euros, which at current exchange rates is just over £300.

We never got a Monday announcement, and if these rumours are proved true then it seems to cut out Vodafone (previous front-runners) and the Carphone Warehouse from any deal.

However, that’s assuming that Apple is still keen on doing a pan-European deal. Some reports suggest that this deal is simply for Germany, so that wouldn’t rule out the bizarre UK trio doing a deal with Apple for us Brits.

Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see if and when this story is confirmed.

(Via Washington Post)

Andy Merrett
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