Hitachi invents the "business microscope"


hitachi-business-tag.jpgIt is, apparently, a device that shows communication structures within companies, so you can see who does any work and who just sits there on Messenger chatting to their mates about Big Brother all day.

It can, if Hitachi is to be believed, help clarify problems within companies, presumably by telling the boss that Sarah sits there on Messenger chatting to her mates about Big Brother all day so needs to be sacked or at least strictly disciplined.

People wear tags which report facts about their daily lives and interactions with other tag-wearers, so it is basically a spy system that tells you who’s talking to who, when and where.

Hitachi wants it in use by 2008, although people in companies that fancy using it may well kick up a bit of a fuss about having their every movement plotted and whacked into a big graph.

Via (Tech-On!)

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