Amazon parcels ‘could be delivered to HS2 passengers at their seat’

HS2 passengers could get Amazon packages delivered to their seat, a train manufacturer has claimed. Bombardier Transportation, which is bidding to win a £2.75 billion contract to build the high-speed trains in a joint venture with Hitachi Rail, is developing technology which would enable onboard click-and-collect services. Martin Rennoldson, sales director at Bombardier, said the…

LG looking at the end of the line for plasma TVs


Now I know the image I’ve used isn’t very accurate but a) it’s far more dramatic than some black rectangle of a LG plasma and b) I was going to use this one instead but, seeing as it’s a Samsung and an LCD, that would have been just as ridiculous as this one which, as it goes, is much more interesting, don’t you think?

Anyway, my editorial dilemmas to one side, the point is that LG’s vice president, Lee Gyu-hong, has announced that the Korean giants are taking a bit of a beating on plasma TVs and that they’re thinking about ceasing production…

Hitachi announces DZ-BD10HA tri-format Blu-ray camcorder


Hitachi has announced its new DZ-BD10HA high definition camcorder, able to record directly to Blu-ray disc, internal 30GB hard drive, or SDHC.

It features a seven megapixel CMOS image sensor offering full 1080p high definition recording, a dubbing feature which allows footage to be transferred directly from the hard drive or memory card to the Blu-ray disc, face detection, and image stabilisation…