Hitachi nearly done with its 100GB Blu-ray disc

blu-ray-100gb.jpgClearly oblivious to the disinterest storms Blu-ray and HD-DVD are kicking up around the world, Hitachi has been bravely working away on increasing the storage capacity of Sony’s expensive blue discs. Perhaps a 100GB one will make people bothered about HD formats?

The tireless Hitachi boffins have managed to squeeze 100GB of storage space on its new blank discs, by mashing four regular Blu-ray data layers…

Hitachi set to revolutionise computing with 3D holographic displays

Waaaaaay back when we were impressed with 2MB broadband, 2.5-megapixels in our digital cameras, and no-one could ever possibly imagine the downfall of Britney Spears, Hitachi announced an amazing new piece of technology which promised to revolutionise computing AS WE KNEW IT. Which to be fair, back then, was checking Friendster every couple of days whenever we signed into out old Yahoo or Hotmail email accounts.

Yes, if you have a brain which hasn’t been sizzled with the strenuous exercise of Big Brother watching, Rosé drinking and mindless indie-rock listening over the last few years, you’ll remember Hitachi promised 3D holographic display technology…