Hitachi working on 5TB hard drives, values human brain at 10TB capacity

Hard Drives

harddrive.jpgHitachi is continuing to push on the limits of hard disc drive technology, despite the continual threat from solid state memory devices, and expects to have a five terabyte HDD available by 2010.

If you care how, it’s apparently to do with “current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistance” (CPP-GMR), which allows data density to go above one terabyte per square inch.

Yoshihiro Shiroishi, from Hitachi, reckons that the human brain stores around 10TB of information — at least it seems that way because he says, “by 2010, just two disks will suffice to provide the same storage capacity as the human brain.”

Comforting to know that all your vital memories could be replicated on two small gadgets.

(Via Tech Radar)

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