Mobile Spy software hits jailbroken iPads, logs email and web history records

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ipadtd.jpgRetina-X Studios have released Mobile Spy, an iPad app that runs secretly in the background of the tablet, tracking email and web history. The software will only run on jailbroken iPads, which is convenient, as this is never getting past Apple‘s rigorous app application process!

Described as a tool to monitor your employee’s or children’s iPad usage, the program runs in a stealth mode, its activities completely invisible to anyone but the person who installed it.

“Immediately after activities are logged, they are silently uploaded to the user’s private online account,” the software’s press release reads. “If no internet connection is present, the logs will resume upload at the next internet connection. Accounts can be checked online from any web browser without needing further access to the iPad.”

Check out the Mobile Spy website here.

Piece of mind over what your kids and employees are accessing, or a creepy violation of the users privacy? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or via our Twitter, @techdigestnews.

Its all a bit too Big Brother for us though.

Gerald Lynch
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