Google still trying to monetise YouTube, adds "click to buy" links on videos

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youtube-click-to-buy.gifGoogle has long admitted that it’s having trouble making any money from its purchase of YouTube. The latest wheeze is to add clickable “Buy this now!” links on videos of buyable stuff. I’d love to show you you a less-grainy picture, but it only works in the USA so far. Check out the Amazon and iTunes links below the video.

The Goog is promising to expand the program internationally, as well as expanding the range of things it advertises next to. This scheme might also placate content owners, who will be happier to learn that there are now “Buy this” links next to the content that they own, but didn’t upload themselves.

YouTube Blog (via Mashable)

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One thought on “Google still trying to monetise YouTube, adds "click to buy" links on videos

  • Is anyone else just a little concerned over some of the Google adverts appearing on Youtube pages? One in particular is advertising some mobile service for “Achmed the dead terrorist”.

    I’m sure there’s some bad taste in there somewhere, how long will it be until we see adverts for a spot the paedophile “Where’s Gary” game?

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