YouTube to ban "intimidating weapon" knife and gun clips in UK only

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When the hell did I move to China? Google has announced that they’ll start pulling any videos “showing weapons with the aim of intimidation” from YouTube as of today, and that’s only going to happen on our little island. The cheek!

Yes, Daily Mail Britain has finally whipped itself up into enough of a frenzy about the 2008 buzz crime of stabbings, despite this years tragic death toll being no higher than it was a number of years ago. The truly sad thing about all of this is that Google has folded to the demands and fears of Middle England without any obvious Governmental pressure. You know them. The people that actually make the laws.

YouTube has always banned videos of hate speech or attacks and recently stood against clips that incite violence but then these are in line with the laws of the land. What they’re doing today takes things one step further and I do not like it, not one bit.

Once they’ve removed all the copyright material, the porn and the violence – both real and mock – then what the hell is going to be left apart from endless lonely souls on the their webcams? It’s about time we all jumped ship on the corporate video site. Viddler anyone?

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