SuperShank knifing app removed from Facebook

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knife-holder.jpgOh dear. It seems Facebook has got itself into trouble again. Some clever bod working on the Superpoke application decided to get cool with kids and add an option whereby you can knife your mates. Nice. Luckily they made it really easy for today’s blade obsessed teens to catch onto by even using the term “shank”. Good work.

Unfortunately, this all adds rather strong fuel to the Daily Mail-esque fire this year surrounding both the evils of Facebook and the skewed facts on the rise of knife crime.

To be fair though, it does rather look like the kind of thing to encourage kids to think stabbing is cool. The reality is that it’s probably an ironic way of dealing with all the furor, even for them. “The papers say we’re all going round stabbing each other, so let’s all do it then,” being the kind of lighter way to cope with the mess that’s going on around them.

Whatever the cause, the reasons and the motives, Facebook has removed the stabbing side of the app after the latest side show in the media Circus where the Sun most likely called up John Knox, uncle of one of the murdered teens, told him about it and extracted a few quotes about how disgusted he is.

As a general rule of thumb, I’d say it was best to avoid stabbing people either online or in the real world. How about we just stick to poking each other instead?

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