Super-duper-fast broadband to surge from Bournemouth's sewers

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img_drainage1.jpgBournemouth has been selected as the first UK town to get super-fast fibre network installed in its sewers. Fibre firm H20 is planning to extend its service from businesses and the Council to ordinary consumers. Work on the network will start in the next six months.

Around 88,000 homes will be given access to up to 100Mbps internet service meaning that they will be free to watch Eastenders on iPlayer all day long without fear of anyone whinging about Fair Usage policies.

It isn’t clear why Bournemouth has been cherry picked for the super-speedy service, but I’m sure there’s a hilarious joke to be made about fibre and sewers and transfer speeds in there somewhere.

Britain is falling behind the rest of Europe in the race to improve the network infrastructure to handle the increasing popularity of bandwidth hogging web applications; France already has three companies offer 50Mbps or high services, while in the UK we’ve got BT, which expects to have a whole 10,000 homes covered by 2020(!), and Virgin Media, which is upgrading to 50Mbps across its network soon but is pretty objectionable about people actually using its bandwidth.

Sewper-fast (hohoho) broadband is now seen as one of best ways of keeping up and without digging up all the roads in the process.

H20 (via BBC)

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