Wayfinder upgrades its GPS Navigation software, adds social networking tools. Can I say GPS 2.0?

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wayfinder_sony_ericsson.jpgWayfinder has just updated its Wayfinder Navigator software to include a simplified user interface, fully vectorised maps and, most interestingly of all, social network integration with Facebook.

Wayfinder Navigator stands out from the many other GPS products because it eliminates the need for actual GPS hardware by working on your mobile phone. As long as you have a Bluetooth GPS receiver, you can use the application to find your way. It works on a pretty healthy selection of handsets too.

The cheaper option is the Navigator Online, but be warned that although you pay less initially (£40 for the UK region), you’ll be working your mobile’s data connection instead.

The new version of the software has a number of new highlights: Powersearch for picking out local services, points of interest; better quality maps; extended handset compatibility… All the usual stuff really. However, if you have a Facebook account then you can download the LocateMate application and let your friends know your whereabouts on the map. Neat, huh?

The best part is that you don’t actually need to subscribe to Wayfinder to try this out. If you don’t have Wayfinder Navigator already, you can download Wayfinder Earth for free and use it to keep your friends updated on where you are. You’ll have to manually task it update and actually select your position on the map, but I suspect that’s better than a less-than-100%-secure social networking site being able to pinpoint your exact whereabouts at any given moment.

If you want to give the whole lot a whirl, Wayfinder offers a 5 day free trial of the software. Be warned though that this will be entirely pointless unless you happen to have a Bluetooth GPS receiver kicking around, or a mobile with one integrated.


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