The UK Scout Association goes web 2.0 for their Kids Outdoors website

Web 2.0

After discovering through the largest survey so far that children and teens are spending less time than ever outdoors, the Scout Association has brushed up on their web design skills and launched their Kids Outdoors Campaign today, complete with spiffy web 2.0 flourishes.

They’ve got videos! That you can upload and share yourself! Share your photos of your kids getting sporty! They’ve got blog posts! They’ve got a tag cloud! They’ve even got a little log-in section on the top right-hand side, so you know they know you know they know their stuff! It’s just a shame about the poo-green colour scheme.

Their aim is to raise £10million to help tempt 14million children in the UK, between the ages of seven to 18, to get involved in outdoor activities.

Surely relying on UGC for their site is counter-productive however? Unless only over-18s are allowed to submit videos, photos and the like, in which case expect a similar campaign soon to tackle adult laziness and obesity. Heh.

Kids Outdoors

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