Dilettante gives classical music a Web 2.0 spin

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dilettante.jpgMuch of the hype around Music 2.0 focuses on rock, hip-hop and dance music over other genres. However, UK startup Dilettante aims to change that, providing a spangly Web 2.0 experience that (it hopes) will turn younger web surfers into fans of classical music.

The Dilettante site launches officially next Monday, and is a social network for classical musicians and listeners alike, rolling in blogs, music tagging and an events calendar. There’ll also be content, with musicians able to upload MP3s of their own performances, and plans for the site to put on live webcasts.

The site could be pushing at an open door: Dilettante says classical music is the fastest-growing digital music genre right now, with more and more young people discovering the genre for themselves. Insert your own ‘swapping sex and violence for tenor sax and violins’ joke here.

My only quibble is to wonder how many of those younger listeners would rather share their new-found passion through their existing social networks (Facebook, Bebo, MySpace etc) rather than join a new one. Still, that’s something we’ll find out as Dilettante launches.

Dilettante website

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