Compulsory weekly update regarding a new watch from Tokyoflash – the Tibida


tibida-photo-toktoflash.jpgWe always end up mentioning all the new developments down at the insane offices of Tokyoflash, thanks to their regular output of exciting watches with interesting looks.

They literally hand us updates on a plate at least two or three times a month. We will have to work out if their offices actually are in Tokyo or not, so we can send them a Christmas card next year.

And the new Tibida’s particularly striking, thanks to featuring 42 little white LEDs on its blushing red (or blue or orange) face. Which, it is rumoured, well-trained wearers are able to interpret to use as a rough guide about what the time is. Or, at least, what the time is near.

Fortunately, the new Tibida comes with a handy visual guide that explains exactly how you’re supposed to tell what the time is with it.

Here’s how it works:


Which explains it all very nicely. It’s two-thirds past 28.

(Via Tokyoflash)

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