Korea/Japan Week: Day Two Roundup

Korea/Japan Week


Right now, I’m sitting in a Tokyo hotel room, trying to make sense of all the new mobile stuff I saw in Korea, to clear my brain for a day of futuristic Japanese phones tomorrow. With jetlag. It’s all going a bit fuzzy round the edges.

To wrap up the posts from Korea though. A visit to LG’s demo centre threw up lots of interesting stories. The company’s concept Rolex handset was intriguing, while the revelation that every UK operator will be selling the LG Viewty made me wonder how O2 will price it compared to the iPhone.

Another LG concept phone, the NYX, looked slinky with its built-in jog-wheel, while the new K520 ‘Corona’ smartphone is like a supercharged Prada, running the Windows Mobile operating system.

Finally, mopping up from my visit to the SK Telecom demo centre, there’s a look at five ways mobile RFID is being used right now in Korea, including vending machines, and replacing your credit and debit cards with your mobile phone.

Tomorrow, I’m off to see NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, two Japanese operators who are going to be demoing their whizziest new mobile services. Watch this space.

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