Korea/Japan Week: Day One Roundup

Korea/Japan Week


At the risk of sounding like an ungrateful visitor, coming to South Korea expecting to see super-whizzy mobile phones can be a slight let-down. It’s not that the phones aren’t cool – they are – but they’re not that far ahead of what we have, thanks to the efforts of Samsung and LG to export their new handsets to Europe more quickly after they come out in Korea.

Where Korea is still ahead of the West is in usage of the mobile internet and related features, from music and games through to social networking. The mobile operators here get 20-25% of their revenues from mobile data, including messaging – a figure Western operators can only dream of.

Anyway, today I’ve posted about ten cool things on show at Samsung’s Anycall store, shot a video of its fun touchscreen-based phone recommender, and wondered why removable fascias are enjoying a new lease of life.

I’ve also looked at the problems of DMB mobile digital TV here in Korea, heard that video-calling is just as unpopular as in the West, discovered how you can feed your pet dog or cat via mobile, and shivered at the prospect of The Victim, a musical seemingly influenced by survival horror games like Silent Hill and Manhunt.

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