LG 'Corona' K520 Windows Mobile smartphone: "Like the Prada, but with more features…"

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lg-logo.jpgIt was a frustrating experience nosing around LG’s mobile demo room in its Seoul office today. There were loads of new phones sprinkled around the room, but no photographs were allowed. You’ll have to excuse the image-free nature of this post, in other words.

Pick of the bunch was the new K520 handset, which is currently codenamed ‘Corona’ (although this isn’t final apparently). It’s a smartphone running the Windows Mobile 6 operating system, with a full 2.8-inch touchscreen, two-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and push-email.

“It looks like the Prada, but with more features in it,” said the guide. The phone has been signed up by Vodafone, and is due to go on sale shortly. And there were plenty more new phones where that came from…

For example, there were three cool phones destined for the US. The VX8800 (or ‘Venus’) is a leather-effect phone with a dual touchscreen, with the lower one changing to display buttons relevant to whatever action you’re performing with the phone. It’s going on sale with Verizon Wireless this month.

Meanwhile, the VX10K and LX260 are coming out with Verizon and Sprint respectively in the US, and both have slide-out QWERTY keyboards. LG is also continuing its work with the ‘3G For All’ program, which aims to produce cheap 3G phones for emerging markets. The first model was a candybar handset, but the new editions include a clamshell (the U370) and a slider phone (the KU380).

We were also shown the SV300 ‘Banana Phone’, which has a bizarre feature in the mouthpiece smelling of coconuts. The scent’s been added to make mobile users feel relaxed while chatting, apparently. There was also the SV280 ‘Wine Phone’ which is aimed at older mobile users, with larger buttons and a simpler interface.

All in all, LG’s lineup was impressive in its variation. The K520 is the one to watch, though, assuming you’re a fan of (or at least not put off by) the Windows Mobile OS.

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