Excitement: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart website to launch in FEW SHORT HOURS!


jon-stewart-daily-show.jpgFinally, something to do on the coming winter months now that huddling outside crack dens clutching spoons isn’t a smart idea. Unless you want pneumonia.

Finally getting their asses into gear, Comedy Central has given The Daily Show With Jon Stewart its very own website, due to launch today at noon EST. Only a few short hours, get those fingers poised on F5 already, folks. The site will contain clips from close to every episode from the past nine years, and will be the only place online to view them legally, with Erik Flannigan, from Comedy Central, claiming YouTube helped enthuse fans searching for the show online. Just…a…few…short…hours…argh!

The Daily Show
(site goes live at noon EST, 18/10, via Yahoo News)

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