Piczo launches Piczo Zone to give users even more artistic license

Web 2.0

piczo-zone.jpgPiczo’s always been praised for allowing the creative juices to flow in teenagers, with users able to fully customise their profiles with colours, glitter and all manners of appealing-to-teens pixels. With the launch of Piczo Zone, however, the kids can really turn themselves into 21st-century Van Goghs.

This new feature allows users of the social networking site to share their content which they’ve created across various sites. The creative content designed by the young users can be found by searching the various 35 categories (like music, sport etc) using tags and descriptions, and then add the user-generated content to their own profiles. Advertisers can then in turn use this information to target users for relevent adverts.

Potential cash-cow for advertisers, or simply an honest move by Piczo to give their young users an opportunity to jazz their profiles up even more? Why don’t you ask your 14 year old daughter for her opinion? (If you can tear her away from updating her profile long enough?)


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Katherine Hannaford
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