Wireless electricity arrives – but only for RAZR users

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Meet the excitingly-named WildCharger, the gadget that promises an end to 35 minutes of searching for your phone charger twice a week thanks to its wireless battery charging abilities.

The futuristic WildCharge technology exists in the now, has been made and is available to buy – but for some odd reason it’s only currently compatible with Motorola RAZR batteries. The good news is it’s relatively cheap for such a laws-of-physics-defying futuristic space device – Americans can pick one up for $60.


There’s one other downside to this bleeding-edge development – you have to replace your existing RAZR battery with a special WildCharge battery pack. Which means more money. Money you could use to buy a significantly better phone than the slightly old-hat RAZR.

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Gary Cutlack
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  • This is not an intrim technology as I see it. It’s the real thing. The one thing that’s intrim here is enabling RAZR phones only, as their charging pad can charge any enabled device.

    This has tons for potential if they continue to enable iPhones, smartphones and of course laptops. And I understand these devices can charge all at once on the pad.

    Finally, I am told that such a solution is good for the environment as in the future it will help eliminate the multitude of chargers and power adapters we use today and save $$$ on electricity bills. Green is in!

  • You dont need to replace the battery? Its only a cover change that plugs into the charger socket. Its like a intrim technology before we get the real wireless charging. I was impressed for a minute.

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