Oral-B launches electric toothbrush with interactive wireless display

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oral-b_triumph_smartguide_toothbrush.jpgIt seems that every few months another manual or electric toothbrush comes to market, boasting new, must-have features that will improve your oral hygiene. Tongue scrapers, built-in floss, extra bendy and boingy bits, hard bristles, soft bristles, polishing bristles…

Yes, but how about an interactive, wireless display which tells you exactly when you’re not brushing properly. It’s like having your very own bossy hygienist in your bathroom with you, every… single… day!

The Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide features microchips embedded in the brush head and handle, which monitor brushing activity and provides real-time guidance.

This display helps to guide you through your tooth brushing routine, quadrant by quadrant, over a two minute period. This leads to optimised brushing habits – woo-hoo!

It helps prevent common problems such as brushing too hard, not brushing for long enough and unequal brushing.

It can be stuck on the wall, for easy display, and when it’s not giving you a hard time for sloppy brushwork, it doubles as a bathroom clock.

Now, I know you can’t put a price on health, but you can put a price on a toothbrush. Given that these once humble bristles have now risen up into some kind of supercomputer, they’ll set you back a fresh £139.99. You do get some accessories with that, though, including the base charger and a travel case.

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