Ridiculously "urban" Nintendo clothing from Torrel


torrel-nintendo-clothing.jpgNow, Nintendo, you can’t have it both ways. You’re either a family console for kids, mums and old people, or you’re an edgy system for underground youths who are into skateboarding and sniffing various adhesives.

The new Torrel clothing Nintendo range is moving away somewhat from the family-friendly image the console company has been chasing with it’s cute little Wii console – Torrel makes “hoodies” for urban youths.

Thankfully, Torrel makes unbelievably kick-arse Nintendo hoodies, with stunning representations of Bowser, Mario and the rest emblazoned across them in astounding technicolour. Even the staunchest Daily Mail reader would have to consider popping one of these beauties on.

They’re also planning to release good, old fashioned Nintendo-themed t-shirts, in case you can’t stand the social stigma of wearing a top with a hood.

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Gary Cutlack
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