Samsung W7900 "Show" – a projectorphone with OLED display and digital TV tuner


If you’re a fan of media consumption on the move, then you’ve likely got some sort of big screen PMP like an Archos 7. If you’re not invested in a particular device yet, though, then you could do worse than consider the Samsung W7900, aka the Show, which comes packed with a 3.2″ 240×400 OLED display, 5-megapixel camera, 3G, HSDPA, and most notably, a 10 lumen 480 x 320 projector, that’ll project upto a 50″ diagonal.

It also has a digital TV tuner so you’ll be able to watch telly on a (dark) bus, and all that is crammed into a body just 4.4″ x 2.2″ x 0.7″ thick. Impressive! Although it’ll initially only be available in Asia, here’s hoping that it’ll make it over this side of the world at some point over the next year.

(via PopSci, who have a great hands-on video)

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LG showing off three new smartphones this week

There’s another one of those technology trade shows happening this week, so expect at least 50 consecutive updates about marginally different forms of mobile telephone. We will try our hardest to appear enthused, even when reporting on the budget models.

The three phones LG will be showing off are, from left to right, the LG CU920 (aka LG Vu), the VX9100 and the AX830 (aka LG Glimmer). And here they are, being demonstrated with enthusiasm – and a smile!


They – the phones, and possibly the ladies – will be on the showfloor at…

Sony announces A300 and A350 entry-level D-SLRs at PMA show

Sony’s got some special entry-level D-SLRs spinning over at the PMA show, with the A300 and A350 being satisfactory enough even for the most discerning of hobbyists.

The A300, shown, is almost identical to the A350, but has 14.2-megapixels as opposed to the latter’s 10.2. Both have a 2.7″ LCD screen, with live view being touted as a big feature. Both take photos at 3 frames…

Top ten things Tech Digest is looking forward to at CES 2008, part two

tech-digest-fear-loathing-CES.jpgWe’re out in Las Vegas now, and it’s high time I wrapped up our Top Ten Things We’re Looking Forward To At CES 2008 feature. Before I have any more margaritas, obviously. Here’s numbers six to ten…

6.) 2008’s touted iPhone killer –
Sigh. How I hate writing those words, but we all know it’s true. Whilst 3GSM is the big mobile-con of the year, handset manufacturers can hardly avoid the temptation of announcing the year’s ‘must-have’ fingerprint smeared devices – after all, the whole world’s technology media is in attendance, promising…

Top ten things Tech Digest is looking forward to at CES 2008, part one

td-ces-sign.jpgThe flights have been booked, several rooms at the Treasure Island hotel have our names written all over them, and every 99 cent margarita manufacturer on the strip has been notified of our arrivals.

It can only be CES time, bringing with it a feast of more electronic goodies than Father Christmas can pack in his sack, all being shown off at 2008’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Join Stuart Dredge, Al Warmington, Gemma Cartwright, Susi Weaser, Alex Roumbas and myself on this magical mystery tour kicking off this Saturday the 5th of January, on both Tech Digest and our girls-gadgets blog, Shiny Shiny.

Here’s the first five things we’re anxiously awaiting about CES 2008 from our ultimate top ten list…

1.) More bloody format wars – HD DVD or Blu-ray? Blu-ray or HD DVD? The war is still a-raging 12 months on from the last CES, where LG launched the world’s first multi-format player. With both camps holding…

Opinion: Why online ticket retailers like Ticketmaster need to ban ticket touts

kat-TD-pic.jpgExcuse me for five minutes whilst I vent and rant about how angry I am with Ticketmaster and other online ticket-sellers. You may be aware that this morning, tickets for six Morrissey gigs went on sale at 9am. Or you will be, when tonight’s papers come out proclaiming the gigs as being the fastest-selling concerts since the guitar was invented.

Like all die-hard Morrissey fans, I logged on at 9am sharp to buy two tickets to just one of the gigs. I was actually using my HTC Touch on the bus, navigating through the pages with GPRS, which was actually behaving itself for once. Not only that, but I had someone else attempting to buy tickets for me as well, on a computer at home. By 9:04am however, we discovered that our attempts to see the quiff-tastic Mozfather were in vain, as all the tickets were sold out.

Hang on – a 3,300 capacity venue, sold out on all six nights, within minutes of the tickets going on sale? It reeked of ticket tout exploitation, and has angered me to the point where I’m urging Ticketmaster and the like to implement new measures to block touts from ruining actual fans’ chances of purchasing tickets. For the love of Morrissey and all good music!…

Excitement: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart website to launch in FEW SHORT HOURS!

jon-stewart-daily-show.jpgFinally, something to do on the coming winter months now that huddling outside crack dens clutching spoons isn’t a smart idea. Unless you want pneumonia.

Finally getting their asses into gear, Comedy Central has given The Daily Show With Jon Stewart its very own website, due to launch today at noon EST. Only a few short hours, get those fingers poised on F5 already…