BBC says its wi-wi radiation Panorama programme was "misleading"


bbc-wi-fi-radiation.jpgIt’s OK. You don’t have to encase your wireless router in concrete and bury it and go back to having bright green Ethernet cables snaking through your house.

According to the BBC, its controversial and slightly ludicrous Panorama programme that claimed wi-fi generated three times as much radiation as mobile phone masts was misleading.

Three viewers complained about the scaremongering show, while Professor Michael Repacholi, who was featured as an expert, claimed his contribution was treated unfairly and the scientific views were presented poorly.

The Beeb said it was VERY BAD of Panorama to only include one scientist speaking in favour of wi-fi, while it used three scientists and a range of ‘talking heads’ to agree with the anti-wi-fi rantings of Sir William Stewart from the Health Protection Agency.

We have no idea what this finding actually means, as the damage has already been done. People on internet forums will be quoting the show’s findings for decades to come.

(Via IT News)

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