LG unveils 52-inch LCD TV… with Wi-Fi!


lg-wi-fi-tv.jpgNews just in from the connected HDTV frontier (yes, it does exist): LG’s new 52LG71 telly combines 52-inch LCD 1080p goodness with blazing fast 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Great! But why would you want a Wi-Fi TV? To stream high-definition video, of course, whether it’s from your computer or from online services. And yes, there isn’t much HD video available on the web yet, but expect that to change quickly in the coming months.

Putting Wi-Fi in a TV is an interesting thing for LG to do, since it cuts out the need for a dedicated set-top streaming box like, say, Apple TV. Plenty of other companies are jockeying for position to be the middleman in this PC-to-TV chain, but you wonder how many will succeed if more TV manufacturers follow LG’s lead with integrated Wi-Fi.

(via Sci Fi Tech)

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