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bebo-ustream.jpgBebo’s been busy this week, first announcing its Open Media initiative (more of which later today), and now revealing a partnership with lifecasting startup The latter is one of the companies letting web users stream live footage of themselves as online TV channels.

Anyway, Ustream’s application will now be integrated with Bebo’s social network, which means users will be able to stream live webcam feeds of themselves within their profiles. It could have other uses too: “As live video becomes an important feature of social networking, the potential will be unlimited,” says Bebo president Joanna Shields. “From musicians sharing music with fans to professors broadcasting lectures for distanced learning.”

Given the many youngsters using Bebo, there are thorny privacy implications here – something that’s partly been addressed by giving users the option to broadcast their live video privately to chosen friends, rather than the whole Bebo community. However, all it’ll take is one teenager getting caught making an inappropriate videocast to cause a scandal – something I’m sure both Bebo and Ustream will be watching for as the partnership develops.

Bebo website / Ustream website

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