2007 Tech Trends No. 7: Lifecasting


In 2006, YouTube became an internet sensation, as thousands of savvy users realised they could grasp their 15 minutes of fame online, armed only with a good idea and a digital camera / webcam / mobile phone. Sure, there’s loads of rubbish on YouTube, but there’s also some killer vids that wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near a ‘professional’ TV studio.

Me TV: How Ustream.tv and BlogTV will turn us all into broadcasters

stu-on-ustream.jpgIn the week that Big Brother’s latest series kicks off here in the UK, there are probably 873 media commentators already wheeling out Andy Warhol’s ‘Famous for 15 minutes’ maxim, so I won’t labour the point. However, people always assume that there has to be Someone Else making us famous for that quarter of an hour – usually a broadcaster.