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Stuart wrote about a few months back, the live-streaming video service which allows everyone to be famous for 15 minutes. If you can manage to find someone to watch you, that is.

If you’ve already fooled around with in the past, but thought it pointless, as no-one you know ever watched you fooling around infront of your webcam, holding up various pieces of stationary and action figures from your desk, then you’ll be ecstatic to discover your Facebook friends will now be able to view your antics. Not only that, but they can stream right back at ya.

Yup, the Israel-based company has launched an application for Teh Facebooks, allowing users to stream through a widget on their profile pages, browse friends’ live streams, view previous posted videos and find out about any scheduled shows. If this doesn’t waste even more of our employers’ time and money, then there’ll be plenty of other apps that will I don’t know what will! (via Tech Crunch)

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