Sharp and Yahoo team up for HDTV web browsing

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Imagine looking at websites in glorious high-resolution on your flat-screen telly? Sharp is doing its best to make sure you don’t have to imagine, with a new service called Yahoo! HD for AQUOS’, which was unveiled at the CEATEC Japan 2007 show this week.

Basically, the service upscales content from Yahoo’s Japanese portal to make the most of a 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD TV. Among the features being shown off by Sharp are mapping and picture books, with a keen focus on content that would be likely to “stimulate conversation” among the several people likely to be sitting in front of a TV.

It’s a hugely interesting area of development for the future, anyway. Imagine the potential of running, say, Joost or YouTube on your big-screen TV. Or Facebook. Or pr0n. Yes, that latter category will probably be one of the first to get involved if Sharp’s technology takes off (although whether Sharp will be quite so keen is another matter).

(via Tech-On)

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