AT&T is getting all 1984 on yo' asses, so if you criticise them, you're out

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Want another reason to dislike your iPhone service provider, AT&T? After reports of awful mobile reception and huge phone bills weren’t enough, stories have surfaced in the past few days about their controversial Terms of Service, which allow the US company to terminate a customer’s service if acts of a defamatory or damaging manner are made against their reputation.

If caught criticising them on blogs, for instance, they reserve the right to terminate your connection completely. A spokesperson for the company however denied they would stoop to censorship, speaking to Ars Technica, “AT&T respects its subscribers’ rights to voice their opinions and concerns over any matter they wish…we do not terminate customer service solely because a customer speaks negatively about AT&T.”

Whether or not AT&T is spying on customers is left to be decided, however it doesn’t bode well for their iPhone customers, who are constantly deriding the company for their bad business practices.

AT&T (via Ars Technica)

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