After AT&T iPhone billing fiasco: Nonsense mobile bills lead to confusion and avoidance

Mobile phones

rolled_up_paper.gifAfter the farcically large iPhone bills sent to US consumers, detailing every last bit of web surfing, texting, and calling, a leading adviser on telecoms, IT and media says that European mobile operators need to simplify their mobile phone bills.

According to research carried out for an Analysys Research report, customers are easily confused by long, cluttered bills which don’t make it clear what they’re being charged for, or how much particular services cost.

In turn, this leads to some users being frightened away from even trying new services, because they’re worried about how they’ll be billed.

The most important conclusion is for companies to make their bills clear, and to communicate more effectively with their customers rather than simply presenting them with a badly laid-out set of costs.

It could well improve the environmental impact of bills, too. Having a box turn up on your doorstep containing a bill isn’t exactly fun, either for trees, or for anyone who thought it was a DVD box set from Amazon.

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