Navizon offers pseudo-GPS location for iPhone


navizon_gps_on_iphone.jpgNavizon, who already provide software for emulating GPS on phones which don’t have that functionality built in, has announced that its software can now be used on the iPhone, providing the iPhone has been unlocked so that native applications can be installed.

The system works by triangulating signals from Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers, based on a database populated with accurate GPS readings for locations, collected by an army of volunteers.

Clicking the “Locate Me” button gives your current location, accurate to within a few hundred feet or so.

Until such a time as the iPhone gets GPS, this could be the best solution if you want the iPhone to provide you a reasonably good idea of where you are on the planet. It’s free to try for 15 days, and can then be purchased for $24.99. It’s not clear whether the system will work in the UK, as it does rely on that database which I can only imagine is US-centric at present.

Navizon blog (via Navigadget)

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