Magellan MobileMapper CX – proper GPS for outdoor people

Satellite Navigation systems

mobile-mapper-cx.jpgIf you like your gadgets with a bit of workmanlike, industrial styling, the MobileMapper CX is ideal. Look at those rubber buttons. They’re for people who want to press their buttons and use their buttons, not leave them out on the pub table for passers to admire.

It also supports the geographic information system (GIS) system for slightly more hardcore map enthusiasts, which is why the numeric keypad’s on there – one-handed data entry. Not that sort of one-handed data entry.

Coming with Magellan’s Mobile Mapping app, Bluetooth and wi-fi for web browsing, MobileMapper CX can also be fitted with SD cards up to 4GB for storing data. And it’s waterproof. People who are into the hardcore GPS map scene don’t use the rain as an excuse to stay in all day playing video games.

It isn’t also a phone and MP3 player. It’s a proper thing for proper people who are interested in and have a need for map software. People like Ray Mears.

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