The life size X-Wing fighter (made out of birch wood)


life-size-x-wing.jpgIt’s just a glorified rocket. Four rocket engines, in fact, stuck to the wings so it’ll actually fly. They’ve even stuck in a pretend R2 to pretend to pilot it.

An aluminium core gives the DIY X-Wing a bit of strength, enough to support a series of internal motors. These are designed to unfold the wings of the 21-foot long craft during its flight, for that realistic, about-to-tackle-the-Death Star look. The makers hope to recover it after its first flight so it (she?) can be sent up again, to a chorus of geeky, 35-year-old male cheers.

The home made X-Wing is launching this weekend, on October 6 – you can keep up to date on the project’s progress on its official site. Videos of it in a burning heap will hit YouTube on October 9.

Via (Geekologie)

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